5 Pin Bowling Balls, Accessories, and Service

SoftRoll Missile


Bowling balls designed for Strikes.

Phipps Bowling has become known across North America for outstanding performance in professional and casual play.

5 Pin and Duckpin Bowlers love the difference in feel and control of our bowling balls and have found that they make a great addition to their personal selection of bowling balls.

Custom Tee Shirts


Show ’em how you feel about Bowling.

We have a growing selection of Tees for those of us who have a passion for the small ball bowling game. Customized shirts and Tees for sporting events and teams are also available.

Check out our Revolution Ball Care cream for keeping your bowling balls looking newer, longer!

Fix it. 

Resize, refinish and renew it!

Did that last throw take a chunk out of your beloved bowling ball? Don’t fret, we can fix it!

From ball repair to resizing and refinishing, we can bring out the shine in your favorite set of bowling balls!

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